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Mr. Polomis Message: March 24th (5:45 pm)

Coleman School District Families-

As we embark on this time of uncertainty, there is one thing that we can be certain of:  Coleman School District's commitment to our families.

To ensure that every child has their essential needs met,  food service personnel will continue to make breakfast and lunch for any student in the District who is 18 years of age or younger. In addition, our paraprofessionals will continue to deliver those meals Monday through Friday.

Our teaching staff  will continue to maintain relationships with our students. They will reach out to our students and parents via various forms of communication, whether it be a phone call, email, Google Meet, or even a note through the regular mail.

When it comes to delivering instruction, our staff has had to improvise; for example, they have utilized Google Classroom, YouTube or screencastify to get their information to students. Please know, we will continue to provide instruction through this school closure; however, our top priority is maintaining relationships with our students.

There are still many unknowns, and we are awaiting direction from State officials. We don’t know the specific details on how to  determine grades; promote students from one grade to the next; or most importantly, ensure our deserving seniors receive their diploma with a proper ceremony.  But, we will keep our lines of communication open. When we have information to share, we will do so.

When you leave Coleman the billboard states: “We are a small village with a big heart.” I am confident that this will continue to be true during this pandemic; finally, please make sure you do everything in your control to ensure your family's safety.


Thank You

Douglas Polomis


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