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September 14th: Fall Sports Limitations

September 14, 2020

The Athletic Directors and Superintendents of the Marinette and Oconto Conference (M&O Conference) are excited for the upcoming Fall Sports season.  With the current COVID-19 pandemic, all parties have worked diligently to create  protocols for all events.  These protocols, which apply to both the middle and high school levels, cover everything from pre-practice through game day experiences.  The protocols were created to not only fit all the needs of each school district in the conference but to provide uniformity between all locations so expectations are clear and the same from event to event.

The biggest change to events this fall is the effect it will have on spectators.  With the idea to provide the best possible situation for our student-athletes and their families, there will be an attendance limit at events.   There will be NO GENERAL ADMISSION tickets sold or available.  Each athlete (middle and high school) will be provided passes for a specific sport that will be distributed by their family.  This pass provides admission to the event, and without it, entry will not be allowed.

  • Indoor events--(volleyball)--2 tickets per participant

    • Due to state wide face covering mandate, face coverings are REQUIRED.

    • Social distancing is to be maintained.

  • Outdoor events--(football)--4 tickets per participant

    • Social distancing is to be maintained.

    • Face coverings are to be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained

In addition, there will be no designated student passes/student sections.  While we acknowledge the importance of their participation, at this time, size limits are being set for events.  We hope that at some point during the 2020-2021 school year, there will be a return to these student traditions; however, it will be based on recommendations from the state and local health departments. 

Go Cougars!

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